Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofing Contractors in Kansas City

July 31, 2017 6:38 pm Published by

Do the shingles on your roof seem to be disappearing? Have the summer rains been leaking through your roof? If so, it’s time to call roofing contractors in Kansas City, MO. Your roof protects you and your family from rain, snow, hail and wind, so it’s important that it’s always in good condition to keep you safe. But it can be challenging to find an experienced and professional roofing contractor quickly when you need repairs. Luckily, you can separate the bad from the good with just a short interview. Here are seven questions to ask before hiring roofing contractors in... View Article

How to Deal with Siding Repair After a Hailstorm

July 17, 2017 6:38 pm Published by

Summer weather is a beautiful thing. The long, warm days often followed by refreshing thunderstorms all add to this fun season. Unfortunately, these storms can also be accompanied by hail. Hail can be incredibly damaging to your siding. It can leave holes in vinyl siding and dents in aluminum siding, which can make your home look like it was involved in a war. While the damage can be repaired, it can be a complicated and stressful process, from dealing with insurance to finding replacement siding that matches the color of the existing material. Follow these tips to help you get... View Article