Four Signs You Likely Need Hail Damage Repair in Kansas City

June 12, 2017 4:29 pm Published by When a hailstorm strikes, many people’s thoughts immediately turn to their cars. But did you know that the roof of your home is also at risk? A sudden hailstorm can cause some serious damage to your home’s number one protector. While hail is almost always dangerous, the damage from an intense storm can vary greatly depending on the size of the pellets of frozen rain and the severity of the gale. Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult to tell if your shingles are damaged than it is to identify damage to the roof of your car. Failing to recognize the signs of a roof damaged by a hailstorm could result in structural deterioration and future leaking. Plus, many insurance companies will consider paying for hail damage repair in Kansas City, MO if it’s properly identified. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the condition of your roof from the ground. It’s best to pull out the ladder and climb on up to the top of your home—or better yet, call a professional roofing contractor—to look for the following signs of hail damage:
  • Denting: Check the metal roof vents, metal valleys or flashings for any signs of dents. Typically, the soft metals commonly used for these features will show sizable dents where the hail made its impact. These indentations will also provide you with an indication of the size of the object that struck your home.
  • Damaged shingles: The dents from hail might not be easily visible. To find any problem areas, run your hands along the shingles to feel for any small indentations in the surface. Once you find one, press it lightly to determine whether it has any give. Little resilience means the deterioration has already begun. The damage can sometimes be more obvious, though, presenting itself as large, circular cracks. Failing to replace the broken shingles will eventually cause them to become water absorbent while also funneling the water to the decking below the roofing material.
  • Missing pieces: Closely examine the roof for any missing pieces of asphalt. Your best way to spot this is by looking for any areas on the shingle where the black substrate is exposed. The granules of the asphalt have likely been compromised if you can spot the substrate.
  • Presence of mineral granules: Are your gutters filled with what looks like small pebbles? Those are probably mineral granules. These round pieces were likely part of your shingles before the hailstorm. The presence of the mineral granules indicates that de-granulation is taking place, which confirms that your roof was damaged. At this stage, it’s best to contact a professional for hail damage repair in Kansas City, MO.
If you believe your home has sustained damage from hail, contact a professional roofing specialist with Liberty Roofing Inc. Most insurance companies will not pay out on your claim until the damage has been verified by a licensed professional. Our experts will inspect your roof before quickly making any necessary repairs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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