Seven Tips for Hiring Roofing Contractors in Kansas City

June 12, 2017 4:32 pm Published by After the winter’s snow and ice, spring and summer are the most popular seasons for homeowners to invest in a new roof. But hiring roofing contractors in Kansas City, MO can be both a confusing and challenging task—especially if you’re hoping to have your new roof installed relatively quickly. Sadly, many contractors are more concerned about getting a paycheck than taking the steps to ensure they have a happy customer. While there are many reputable contractors, it can be difficult to weed out the good from the bad. Following the tips below when choosing a contractor will help you get the best and most professional service for your hard-earned money:
  • Get references: Turn to your friends and family for recommendations before searching online. Your personal acquaintances will be able to provide you with honest reviews of any companies they have worked with in the past. Inquire about the businesses they would recommend and any companies they would advise staying away from.
  • Browse their website: Visiting a company’s website can help you get a better idea of their professionalism. Look for accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, or any industry awards. A reputable company will have put a significant amount of effort into crafting a professional looking and appealing website.
  • Shop local: It’s always better to hire a local company with an established business location and reputation within your community. By selecting a local business, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they will always be around to help if any issues were to arise. Plus, most warranties are only valid as long as the company is still around.
  • Insurance: A contractor should always have both worker’s compensation and liability insurance coverage. This will keep you protected in case an accident were to occur on the job or if your home were to sustain any damage during the installation process.
  • Stay away from storm chasers: It’s best to always avoid the door-to-door roofers who magically appear after a bad storm has hit your area. Most will use forceful tactics to push you to repair your “damaged” roof immediately. While the timing often seems opportune, their rates and workmanship usually aren’t.
  • Ask about warranties: A reputable roofing contractor will take pride in their work by offering a warranty. Inquire about how long your new roof will be covered under the warranty before you even consider signing off on a contract.
  • Get everything in writing: Your contractor should present you with a detailed list of the work to be done, in addition to a price quote, before finalizing the transaction. While things can change, this number should remain relatively accurate. You should also be presented with an estimated date of completion. Don’t sign off on anything until you are completely satisfied with this information.
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