Unfortunately, many home and business owners ignore their roofs until something happens that forces them to take notice. We want to encourage you to be a bit more proactive than most. Here are some signs that your roof may need attention from a professional.

Your roof is more than 20 years old.

The average lifespan for a Kansas City roof is 20 years. If yours is approaching this age (or is older), there could be a problem.

If you live in a neighborhood with similarly aged homes, and your neighbors are beginning to replace their roofs, it might be time for you to complete the process as well.

Your shingles are showing signs of age.

We don’t expect you to climb on top of your roof to get a good look at your shingles. However, you might be able to see some shingle damage as you stand on the ground or look out of an upstairs window.

If the edge of your shingles is curling (or the middle of your shingles is starting to rise), it may be time for some (or all) to be replaced. Cracked shingles also are a bad sign, but you might not be able to see such damage from the ground.

Shingles are missing from your roof.

Please understand that missing shingles isn’t necessarily a sign that you need to replace your entire roof. However, it does show that it might be time to have your entire roof inspected. Of course, reputable roofers would be happy to replace missing shingles to prolong the life of your roof, but even the best roofers may have a difficult time finding a shingle that matches the others exactly.

Your older roof is losing lots of granules.

Don’t freak out if you just paid for a new roof and found a lot of granules in the gutters or at the bottom of your downspout. This often occurs after a heavy rain when a new roof is installed.

However, if your roof is older and you notice an abundance of granules in your gutters or downspout, this might be a sign that the shingles need attention.

You see sunlight from your attic.

We know how easy it is to ignore things that you don’t want to see. However, if you see sunlight in your attic, it won’t be long before rain and snow enter your home and damage your possessions.

Leaks that are ignored can cause structural damage to your home.

The best way to tell if it is time for a new roof in your Kansas City home or business is to call Liberty Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Windows. We will inspect your roof for free and tell you whether you can get by with a few minor fixes or whether the entire roof needs to be replaced.