Kansas City and surrounding areas were hit with a massive hail storm on 3/13/24, affecting over 200,000 homes. Homeowners experienced hail ranging in size from 0.5-3.25" and winds up to 50mph. After a historically high storm season in 2023, this is the first major storm to hit the area in 2024.

After a storm of this magnitude, checking your roof for damage is an essential step. Hail damage can lead to costly repairs and can even compromise the structural integrity of your home. Here is why you need to get your roof inspected after a storm:

  1. To prevent further damage: If you roof is damaged due to hail and is left unchecked, further problems could arise like leaking and water damage.
  2. Insurance claims: Insurance companies usually require damage to be reported within a certain timeframe after a storm. The roofers at Liberty Roofing are trained storm damage restoration experts who can walk you through the insurance process.
  3. Protect your investment: Your home is your most significant asset, and making sure your roof is protected can help hold value in your property.
  4. Identify hidden damage: Sometimes hail damage is not always visible, that's why you need a Kansas City roofing company who knows what to look for.
  5. Ensure safety: Damaged roofing materials can become a hazard to you and your family.
  6. Maintain warranty coverage: If your roof is still under warranty, failing to report and act on hail damage can lead to your warranty being voided.

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